3R Logistics Pte Ltd

Autolink Holdings Pte Ltd

Blum & Co. Pte Ltd

Cheong Heng Engineering Pte Ltd

Commit System (S) Pte Ltd

Creative Beverage Ingredients Pte Ltd

FM Food Court Pte Ltd

Francis Herbal Hair Treatment Pte Ltd

Fun Learners’ School

He Xiong Di Group

Jun Hang Enterprises

Just Ying Enterprises

Kaleido Marketing Pte Ltd

Khan Saab Restaurant Pte Ltd

La Cafa Furniture

Leong Guan Food Trading

Mid-Continent Equipment Group Pte Ltd

Mss Marine & Offshore Pte Ltd

Nature Health & Wellness Services Pte Ltd

New Century Group

Newood Design Pte Ltd

Novelty Project Services Pte Ltd

Ogre Pte Ltd

Oilfield Services & Supplies Pte Ltd

Olive Beauty Care Pte Ltd

Pin Wei Restaurant

Ping Healthcare Pte Ltd

Pirtek Asia Pte Ltd

Princeton Pharmacy (S) Pte Ltd

Pringo Pte Ltd

Q-Son Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd

Refresh Associates Pte Ltd

Revez Motion Pte Ltd

SC (Sang Choy) International Group Pte Ltd

Scanmed Technology Pte Ltd

Security & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd

Slim Fit (S) Pte Ltd

Spring Avenue LLP

SQO Dynamics Pte Ltd

Sufi Cake and Confectionary Pte Ltd

SUK Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Sun City Maintenance Pte Ltd

Sun Lok Noodle House Pte Ltd

TES Production & Projects Pte Ltd

TPS Construction

Trillion Logistics Pte Ltd

Tropical Environment Pte Ltd

Tropifame Florist Design School

Uni-Tat Ice & Marketing Pte Ltd

V-Cut Engineering Pte Ltd

William Security Services

Wintech Nano – Technology Services Pte Ltd

Winter International

And many more……….

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Loyal Reliance


Established since 2009, Loyal Reliance prides ourselves as a reliable training provider for enterprises, with a regional presence in Singapore and Malaysia.